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  1. Footsteps on Brora Beach

    Another one for the galleries.
  2. White Horse

    Touch too much blue, took most of the blues out of it. Those blues can be quite sneaky at times.
  3. White Horse

    In the galleries now.
  4. Beaches

    More outrageous Brora beach for you. Photoshop can be such fun!
  5. Beaches

    Brora beach, just because I was feeling outrageous today. Still am, so watch it or I'll work on another one.
  6. Seals

    Thought I'd lost this photo. Found it on an old PC which had been sitting in a cupboard. He's a big burly bull grey seal I called Scarface.
  7. Saturday night

    Hmmm, what shall we do tonight then?
  8. Brora sunrise

    Good morning from Brora. I think it will be December before I get a chance to catch a perfect sunrise.
  9. The Adventures of Mr Guts

    Good morning from Brora, it's another gorgeous day. Here's Mr Sparrow washing his face.
  10. Am I right in surmising that people don't really want help taking photos, they want help with what to do with them after they've taken their photos? Is it really post processing folks want help with? How to use Photoshop and Plugins properly? How to make their photos look good after they've taken them? I don't think most folks realise that a modern digital camera is just a computer. Inside modern cameras are shit software programmes that convert RAW images into jpgs. I don't rely on my camera to do my post processing for me, I shoot RAW and work on my own images in Photoshop. People who try to get the perfect shot in camera and call their images 'pure' don't know what they're talking about, because their camera is just a computer and they're relying on crappy inferior software to produce their images for them. The image of Golspie below was produced from 3 bracketed shots, merged into one image, then spent about 5 minutes in Photoshop, then about 5 minutes in 4 of my plugins. I'm showing you first one of the original RAW files from the camera and my finished work. I don't rely on my cameras to produce my photos. My Fuji cameras produce startlingly good jpgs, I agree, and they're probably okay for stock photos, but I like to make my images a little more personal, give them some drama, give them a dreamy look, bring out colours, turn them into black and whites, crop for better composition, remove noise, you know, make them look good and make them personal to me. I think I'd like to offer post processing tuition rather than how to use a camera tuition. Rather than rely on inferior camera software to produce their images, do people really want to learn how to take control of their photography and work on their own images? Is this getting closer to the mark of what people really need and want?
  11. Brora sunrise

    This winter I'll be on the prowl for the perfect Brora sunrise shot. I'll be posting all my efforts for you to enjoy. This was Brora an hour ago.
  12. Carn Liath

    Sheep enjoying Carn Liath broch.
  13. Dunrobin Castle

    Dunrobin Castle yesterday afternoon.
  14. Beaches

    Brora beach yesterday.