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17 - My Fuji gear

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I’m a Fuji shooter. It took me around 2 years of reading reviews before I finally made the big jump from DSLRs to a mirrorless system. It was the quality of their lenses that finally persuaded me to go with Fuji. Fabulous system and Fuji looks after you with regular firmware updates for all their cameras and lenses.


My two camera bodies are the XT-1 and XT-2. I did try the X-Pro2, but never fell in love with it as I did with the XTs.

My main events lens is the fabulous 50-140mm. The image stabilisation and the images it produces are fabulous. Here is the 50-140mm on the X-T1.


My two wide angle lenses are the Fuji 10-24mm and 16-55mm. Both are excellent for interior shoots and landscapes, while the 16-55mm pairs nicely with the 50-140mm for event work and anything involving people.


My telephoto lens is the 100-400mm. I love the telephoto world, and use this lens not only for wildlife but also for fun. It travels with me everywhere, often even if I don’t really need it.



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